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Postal Services Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Nabekura Hazime Makoto), the stamps home "series for the 60th Anniversary of Saga Prefecture local government law enforcement" issue.
This stamp series to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Local Autonomy Law, issued in conjunction with the issuance of commemorative coins issued in 47 prefectures for each pattern sequentially, in coordination with each county, cultural and natural design to the subject of tourism and history.
This stamp is based on coordination with Saga Prefecture decided to design something suitable as the final stamp.

The contents of stamps issued

Name60th Anniversary of Saga Series Local Autonomy Law
Issue date2011 (2011) January 14 (Fri)
Type80 yen postage stamp

地方自治法施行60周年記念シリーズ 佐賀県

Seat configuration design

(1): Shigenobu Okuma (Ge better Nobu No Audio) and Imari (Imari) porcelain (Arita fried)
(2): Yoshinogari Site (Ruins sensitive to the yeah)
(3): Yuu Isao shrine (shrine and stake and Yu)
(4): Saga (which is) インターナショナルバルーンフェスタ
(5): Karatsu (Karatsu) Kunchi
Background: Ariake Bay (you have open)

  • (1) is designed based on the yen commemorative coins.
  • Seat 5 1 / From the piece 1 ※.
Photo by shooting(2): Saga
(3): Tiba Tadashi (Chiba, The Note)
(4): Saga
(5): Saga 
Background: The Saga
Dimensions 印面(1): Height 36.0mm × 30.0mm horizontal
(2) - (4): Height 30.5mm × 25.0mm horizontal
(5): Height 31.0mm × 25.0mm horizontal
Dimensions 小切(1): Height 39.0mm × 33.0mm horizontal
(2) to (5): Height 33.5mm × 28.0mm horizontal
Horizontal length 175.0mm × 93.5mm
Color printing 版式6 color gravure
Issue Number600 million copies (1.2 million sheets)
DesignMaruyama Satoshi (taking the Yuanshan) (stamp designer)
Point of saleJapan Post Holdings Co Post Office and branch offices nationwide
(Post in the bottle home , "Stamp SHOP"Giro also by mail order as well. ) (1 ※)
(1 ※):SHOP on to the stamps are scheduled for early November.

60th Anniversary Saga Series Local Autonomy Law" issue

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