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Gorge Bridge

The United States $4.95 New River Gorge Bridge stamped envelope, to be issued Jan. 3, will use this stamp artwork.

Gorge Bridge

The U.S. nondenominated (44¢) Year of the Rabbit commemorative forever stamp, to be issued Jan. 22.

Gorge Bridge

Kansas will celebrate 150 years of statehood in 2011. The nondenominated (44¢) Kansas Statehood commemorative forever stamp will be issued Jan. 27.

 Two United States stamps and one item of postal stationery are scheduled to be issued in January.

Others items might be added to the U.S. program, but as of mid-December no additional announcements had been made.

The $4.95 New River Gorge Bridge Priority Mail stamped envelope will be issued Jan. 3, 2011, in Kansas City, Mo.

The $4.95 postage stamp on the same subject is planned for release in April 2011. The stamp design pictured here will be used for the imprinted stamp on the Priority Mail stamped envelope as well.

The nondenominated (44¢) Year of the Rabbit commemorative forever stamp, picturing kumquats, will be issued Jan. 22 in Morrow, Ga. The cut-paper image of a rabbit is shown at upper left on the stamp.

Windmills, old and modern, are depicted on the (44¢) Kansas Statehood commemorative forever stamp that will be issued Jan. 27, 2011, in Topeka, Kan. The state celebrates its sesquicentennial in 2011.

Look for additional information about these stamps and other new issues each week in the pages of Linn's Stamp News.

— Jay Bigalke, Linn's online editor and Postmark Pursuit columnist


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