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In 2011 the Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation will mark its 50th Anniversary. Over the past 50 years the Sassoon Heart Foundation has helped thousands of children in the Bahamas who have heart disease. It has provided clinics to identify heart problems in children and when needed, the Foundation has paid for the heart surgeries that have meant a full and rewarding life to so many.

When Sir Victor Sassoon Bart GBE died from heart complications in 1961, his widow Lady Sassoon requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the local heart association in his memory. When Princess Margaret Hospital phoned to tell her there was no heart charity in the Bahamas, Lady Sassoon took it upon herself to create one. The Sassoon Heart Foundation, in addition to paying for life saving surgeries for children has also purchased diagnostic machines and items to promote heart care for the Hospital. The Sassoon Heart Foundation is an all volunteer organization. Of every dollar raised by the Foundation for the young patients, over 97% goes directly to pay for the life saving surgeries.

15c- The Annual Heart Ball

The Sassoon Heart Foundation raises funds to carry out the needed surgeries for their patients. The biggest fundraiser and by far the most popular, is the Annual Heart Ball. The Ball is held every February and has been the premier charity ball in the Bahamas for 47 years. Lady Sassoon started the Heart Ball after actress Joan Crawford suggested to her that it could be a wonderful social occasion to help the charity. The festivities include fine dining and dance music from several local orchestras. The Ball also features the presentation of the Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award. This is presented to someone who has gone beyond the call of duty to better the lives of their fellow man. The Heart Foundation also has an annual tea party and various other activities with their educational arm, The Bahamas Heart Association. The Heart Foundation today relies entirely on the generosity of the public to carry on its work. No patient has ever been turned away for lack of funds.

50c - Aiding children with heart disease

The heart has probably had as much advancement on diagnosis and care over the past 50 years as any part of the human body. Still, nothing affects humans more than seeing a child suffering. The Sassoon Heart Foundation has sponsored the operations of children only days old to those in their teens. Most have been able to go on and lead fully rewarding and healthy lives. Paediatricians are now able to identify problems in children much earlier. The sooner needed surgery is provided, the better chance the child will lead a full healthy life. The Bahamas is now blessed with having many highly qualified cardiologists, leading to the best possible care for heart patients of all ages.

65c - Heart Clinics and Care

Diagnosis of heart disease has come a long way in the past few decades. Once thought of as a taboo to even consider operating on the heart, now the heart has proven to be very adaptable to corrective surgery. Modern medicine has created many new diagnostic tools to aid in the early discovery of heart disease. Micro-surgery has also enabled physicians to work on children successfully. But none of this can happen without the support of the public to make certain that the funds are available when a patient needs surgery to restore their health. The Sassoon Heart Foundation has shown to the public that it is a highly respected charity and that donations to the Heart Foundation are of profound benefit to its young patients.

70c - Sir Victor Sassoon Bart GBE 1881-1961

Sir Victor Sassoon was born to a family of merchants and bankers who lived in India and England. In the 1920's Victor Sassoon moved to Shanghai, China where he established most of his own business enterprises. War broke out in the late 1930's and he was forced to flee, travelling throughout the world. After the war, Sir Victor re-established his business empire in the Bahamas, England and South America. He also dedicated himself to his passion for horse racing. He was very successful at this endeavour and his horses won the English Derby four times in only eight years. A lifelong bachelor, he married in April 1959 at his home in Nassau to his nurse, the former Evelyn Barnes, who took the title Lady Sassoon. Upon his death of heart disease in 1961, Lady Sassoon created the Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation in his honour. Her zest for making the Heart Foundation a success ensured that it would go forward. It is now one of the most respected charities in all of the Caribbean and countless children in the Bahamas owe their lives to the Sassoon Heart Foundation.

­­­Technical Details

Designer Andrew Robinson

Printer BDT International

Process Stochastic lithography

Stamp Size 28.45 x 42.58mm

Sheet Format 50 (2 x 25)

Perforation 14 per 2cms

Release Date 12 February 2011

Production Co-ordination Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd

We acknowledge with thanks the help and assistance of Mr R.E. Barnes, Chairman of The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation.

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