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NEW DELHI: Bang on the right side of the next envelope you post, you can have a portrait of yours stuck in place of the stamp. You may leave the receivers of that envelope wondering how you joined the league of Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore who traditionally received the pride of place on stamp faces. But India Post, in its latest efforts to personalise mail and lift its sagging revenues, is all set to allow Indians customise their stamps from February 12. A plan to let large corporates in India personalise postage and bring out their own stationary is also on the cards. 

To be termed as 'My Stamp', personalised postage is one of the several ideas that India Post is experimenting with to boost sagging revenues from personal mail, which have been on a huge deficit zone for the last five years. Deficit at the India Post increased 11% to about 23,700 crore till December 2010, from a year ago period. 

"Personal mailing is on a decline in India, as opposed to business mailing. Many kids in India have not even used a stamp, with the arrival of the email," said an India Post spokeswoman. 

The stamp will have two parts-the currency part and the photograph-detachable from each other. If the experiment with individual consumers is successful, Indian companies may also be allowed to carry their own logos and postage stationery in future, the spokeswoman added. 

Thus Infosys, Wipro or Reliance may have its logo embedded in postage stationery, which can be personalised when a company achieves a certain milestone, as well. These milestones can be a large deal, a new CEO, an international listing or a big acquisition, which the company would like to be highlighted to its key audience. 

For now, personalised postage is allowed only for individual citizens. One can also bring one's own or spouse's photo with an ID card, to have it converted into a personalised stamp. The services will start from the World Philatelic Exhibition - Indipex 2011 to be held in the capital next week. 

To start with the stamps will be available for 150 for an eight-stamp sheet. The background, however, will have to be mandatorily chosen from six themes- Taj Mahal, Tales of Panchatantra, Sun Signs, Trains, Wildlife and Aeroplanes. "'My Stamp' is a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions such as engagements, birth of a baby, or to send as greetings to loved ones," a statement from India Post said. 
SOURCE:India Post to launch customised stamps

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