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6.000 €

When the voting for the most beautiful SEPAC stamp closed, lots were drawn for a main prize of EUR 6,000. The lucky winner, whose name was drawn from the hat, is Mr. John Hunderup from Denmark.


In addition, the names of 40 lucky winners of the 2007 and 2009 SEPAC souvenir folders were drawn. The list of winners is available at


On Monday, 24th January 2011 Mrs. Svanbjørg Manai, the Posta Stamps manager, handed Mr. Hunderup the 6,000 Euro check. The ceremony took place at the North Atlantic House - the cultural center in Copenhagen in which you can encounter North Atlantic culture. In the background, you can see two paintings from the Steffan Danielsen exhibition.


Mr. Hunderup was very happy to have won this prize. He has been collecting Faroese stamps ever since the first Faroese stamps were issued in 1975 and therefore he has a complete collection of Faroese stamps which he is very proud of.


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SOURCE: The lucky winner of 6.000 €

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