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Horned viper:
The horned viper is a venomous snake living in North Africa. She frequents the desert but also rocky areas. It owes its name to the two scales erect on his head, which form small horns. It has a triangular head characteristic that stands out from his neck quite thin. It can reach 80cm long and can live to 10 years. Its coloration mimics perfectly the nuances of sand.
The horned viper feeds on small rodents and lizards. She is often content with the water in the body of its prey. It winters 2-3 months.
His movements cause a small squeal due to its aerodynamic dorsal plates enabling the feature to move backwards.

Snake TIARA:
Snake Tiara is a species of snake that lives in countries with very dry climate. It is classified as arid snakes. Snake Tiara is present in North Africa.It is a snake strong character and interesting manners. Adult, it can reach up to 180 cm long. The coloration of juveniles is a bit dull, with the back marked with brown.
Snake Tiara eats rodents, birds and lizards. It greatly contributes to the natural control of populations of these pests in agriculture.
Snake Tiara female lays 5-16 eggs very elongated shape and good size, which hatch between 60 and 70 days.

Drawing: K. KRIM
Value: 15.00 each
Format: 29 x 43
Perforation: 14
Printing: Printing of the Bank of Algeria.
Printing Process: Offset
Document Stamp: An envelope 1st day to 7.00 30.00 DA DA stamped with a cancellation Day 1 Ad
Sale Day 1: on Sunday 13 and Monday, March 14, 2011 in Top 48 Recipes positions located in the wilaya administrative centers and major revenue Algiers November 1,
Hussein-Dey, Ben-Aknoun Chéraga and Rouiba.
General Sale: On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in all post offices.

SOURCE:Algérie Poste - Services Postaux

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