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Magyar Posta will transfer the proceeds from the surcharge, HUF 50 for each stamp sold, to the Hungarian Association of the International Children's Safety Service once a year, which may be used for the stated aims of the Service.
The International Children's Safety Service was created in 1990 in Hanover through international collaboration which aimed to save the children in inhuman conditions in the orphanage in Csegőd, near Oradea, Romania. 
Following the example and with the support of the Hanover organisation, the Hungarian Association of the International Children's Safety Service was established in May 1990. Its aim is to support physically and mentally handicapped children, orphans and other children in need of help, to improve their living conditions, to lay the foundations of their future, and to help children's institutions. The Service was registered by the Municipal Court of Budapest in 1990 and has operated as an organisation of major public benefit since 1 January 1998. 
Its main programmes are 1. health programme, 2. children's catering programme, 3. foster parent programme, 4. legislation support programme, 5. holiday programme, 6. training and further training programme, 7. aid consignments, 8. aid offered to and cooperation with other organisations, 9. events, 10. information and guidance programme, 11. film, television and photo documentation, 12. Contemporary Art Collection. 
The membership of the organisation and the num-ber of its voluntary helpers are steadily growing, and support is provided through membership fees, donations, expertise or physical work. The association's management board and supervisory board perform their duties voluntarily. The Service operates independently without regard to political and religious affiliation or nationality. (Source:
In the top of the stamp design, there is the logo of the International Children's Safety Service. Beneath it is the inscription "Domestic" and next to it is the amount of the surcharge, HUF 50, on a yellow background emphasised by a surrounding contour in the shape of a heart. The amount of the surcharge (HUF 50) may not be used to pay for postage. The first day cover and the postmark for the stamp are made more emphatic by a graphic composition employing the characteristic motifs of the stamp, with the addition of envelope motifs on the cover. Both the first day cover and the post-mark bear an inscription to encourage sales of the stamp: "Help the work of the International Chil-dren's Safety Service – buy charity stamps!"
Order code: 2011009010031 (stamp)  2011009060032 (FDC) 
Date of issue: 1 March 2011  
Face value: Domestic (HUF 90 on issue) + HUF 50 surcharge 
Number issued dependent on demand. 
Perforated size of stamp: 40 x 30 mm (50 stamps/sheet) 
Printing method: 4 colour offset
Printed by Pénzjegynyomda
Designed by Orsolya Kármán.


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