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Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) - New Swiss commemorative stamps valid for use as postage starting Thursday 3 March draw attention to thepanda logo for the WWF, but also to three other events: the UN Year of Chemistry, which is focusing on vitamin C, the centenary of writer Max Frisch, and the sketches of Swedish cartoonist

The CHF1.00 vitamin C stamp recognizes "the important role that chemistry plays in building Switzerland's reputation as a research and financial centre" Swiss Post notes in its stamp issuing description.

"The stamp's motif is the vitamin C molecule. It was in 1933 at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich that Tadeus Reichstein first succeeded in synthesizing the vitamin. The patented solution was commercially marketed by the Basel-based pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La-Roche. The stamp, which was created by graphic designers Daniel Dreier and Barbara Pfander, has a three-dimensional effect. Owing to the multi-stage embossed printing procedure used to produce the stamp, the vitamin C molecule appears to float in the air, seemingly within reach, in front of a blue background."

Writer Max Frish is widely considered to have been one of the most important literary figures for "shaping the public debate on Swiss identity", according to Swiss Post.

The new CHF1.00 stamp shows him "gazing to the right into empty space [which] expresses the fact that his words still resonate today beyond his lifetime.

Frisch's exploration of issues associated with reality and identity is still fascinating today."

A fourth CHF1.00 stamp that becomes valid today was designed by cartoonist Sven Nordquist, "the creator of the odd Swedish hermit and his tomcat," Festus and Mercury.

Nordquist designed a CHF 0.85 stamp "in his own unique style.

The motif, with the tomcat Mercury carving an Emmental cheese out of wood is a fanciful declaration of love for Switzerland."

Three other stamps are part of the 2011 new issues from Swiss Post, one for the July Gymnaestrada International gymnastics event in Lausanne, one for the millennium of the city of Neuchatel and another for the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Cerebral Palsy Foundation.


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