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rrived in Algeria since the Middle Ages and which blossomed from the seventeenth century, brassware developed in all major cities. Each city is distinguished with its style and its manufacturing techniques and decoration. Copper engraved or postponed, the objects produced can be decorative or utilitarian functions such as couscous dish or pot butter.
Nowadays, some artisans coppersmiths perpetuate a tradition blend shapes and colors featuring works closer to art than craft. 
Dish of couscous:
It is a dish with lid in red copper plated. It is decorated with diamonds performed by the technique of spinning. On the rim we find a floral scrolls representing windings. The same scene is repeated on the cover giving this dish of couscous, a beautiful harmony.

Dated the 18th century and signed, this dish is originally from Algiers, who was at that time, the main manufacturing center in the country. Integral part of culinary traditions Algerian couscous, famous national dish was traditionally served this dish in bringing credit to the guests.
Butter Pot:
This butter pot is red copper plated. It consists of a base, a serrated edge to belly, and a lid with tip. The decoration consists of floral and geometric motifs consisting mainly of diamonds and lines, inspired by ancient local. The manufacturing techniques used by skilled coppersmiths are hammering and lathing.
Dated the 18th century and originally from Algiers, pot butter featured prominently among a battery of kitchen utensils like plates, pots, teapots, sugar bowls, etc..


N ° 05 / 2011

Sale 1st day: Tuesday 19 and Wednesday, April 20, 2011 in 48 Recipes Main positions located in county seats and the wilaya of Algiers main recipes November 1st
Hussein-Dey, Ben-Aknoun Chéraga and Rouiba.
General Sale: On Thursday, April 21, 2011 in all post offices.

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