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Issue date: 5th April 2011
Values: 2 values of €0,50 and €2,40
Print run: no. 70,000 sets printed in 12-stamp sheets
Printing: Four color offset by BDT
Perforation: 15x14
Stamp Size: 40.64 x 29.79 mm
Designs: Federico Sarti
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The stamp of €0.50 portrays Gagarin set against the Soviet Union flag.

The stamp of € 2.40 portrays Shepard set against the American flag.
The Soviet Union Aboard the Vostok 1 spaceship, the cosmonaut Jurij Gagarin (1934 –1968) makes the first orbital flight around the Earth and then lands in the Saratov region. He leaves the space capsule, which brought him safe and sound through the atmosphere, with an ejection seat and ends his historical space flight by parachute. The event marks the first milestone in the space conquest. 
Americans take up the Russian challenge on the 5th May 1961. The cosmonaut Alan Bartlett Shepard (1923-1998) orbits aboard the Mercury spaceship called Freedom 7, reaching the height of 185 km and the speed of 8.262 km/h. He is the first American cosmonaut to travel into space.

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