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First day of issue: 2012-03-23
Having issued its first set of stamps on Taiwan 's wild mushrooms on March 25, 2010 , ChunghwaPost will release a second set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet of the series. Four species of mushroom found at mid-altitudes are featured. The designs follow: 
1. Amanita rubrovolvata (NT$5): The mushroom has an orange to red cap (pileus). The mushroom's central stem (stipe) is cream to pale orange-yellow in color. The stem has a ring (annulus) on its upper half and a large basal bulb. It can often be found in mixed forests at mid-altitudes. This mushroom is poisonous. 
2.Entoloma murraii (NT$5): The mushroom has a pale to bright yellow conical cap and a bright yellow cylindrical stem. The stem is central and supports the cap in the middle. This small, soft mushroom can often be found in forests in low to mid-altitude areas during summer and fall. 
3.Geastrum sessile (NT$12): The mushroom has a ball-shaped fruiting body. At maturity, the outer layer of the fruiting body splits open to create a star-like effect. This mushroom can often be seen in broadleaf forests at mid-altitudes. 
4.Clavulinopsis miyabeana (NT$12): At first, the fruiting body of this mushroom resembles a red or pink smooth cylinder. By maturity, the fruiting body has become a sharp spindle with a paler tip. It can often be found in clumps among fallen leaves in coniferous or broadleaf forests at mid-altitudes during summer and fall. At first glance, the mushroom resembles a flame on the forest ground.


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