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Theba pisana is a small snail with white or sometimes pinkish brown stripes. It is typically found on fennel and broom, most often in tight rows on the stems of plants or other vertical supports where it protects itself in the days of heat from the ground and managed to withstand the rigors of sun, which is quite unusual among terrestrial gastropods, which usually prefer wetlands.

It moves at night to feed on various plants. Its size is modest, little more than 2 cm for the largest, it is still sometimes used to the taste of fennel that acquires by eating this plant.

It is quite variable in appearance, very white for the copies found in the scrubland of Provence, and dark striped over those of the coastal dunes. The shell has 5 to 6 rounds of turns and a umbilicus open and visible.

Species from the Mediterranean area, where it is considered an undesirable species.Indeed, it has caused significant damage in citrus groves or ornamentals.

Like other snails, the snail is hermaphrodite dunes and reproduces by cross-fertilization.Eggs are laid in the ground.

When the Eobania vermiculata is an edible species Mediterranean, especially abundant near the coast.

Diameter of 1 cm to 1.5 cm. This species is rather small. The shell is thick and measure two to three centimeters in diameter. The flesh is clear contrast with the dark coat.
No. 04/2012
Designer : K.Krim Face value : DA 15.00 - 20.00 Format : 29 x 43 Perforations : 14 Printer : Printing of the Bank of Algeria. Printing : Offset Paper Stamp : A stamp card at 20.00 DA DA with 35.00 postage to the first day postmark illustrated Sale Day 1 : The Wednesday 28 and Thursday, March 29, 2012 in 48 Recipes Main positions located at the headquarters of the Revenue and wilaya of Algiers Main 1st November, Hussein Dey, Chéraga, Ben-Aknoun and Rouiba.


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