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Sport and Republic of San Marino. The Olympic Games and the philatelic issues of San Marino. Two goals and a long complicity celebrated in the souvenir-sheet designed by M. Fontana and dedicated to the 30th edition of the most famous world sport event. The edition of "1st Olympic Games of modern age" was celebrated on the 6th April 1896 in Athens thanks to the idea and commitment of the young French baron Pierre Fredi de Coubertin who was a sport follower. From that time the Olympic games are celebrated every four years and have been hosted by all four continents (Europe, America, Asia and Oceania). With this edition, which will start on the 27th July 2012, London gains the record of first city in the world which hosted three time the summer games (1908- 1948 - 2012). With this issue of four stamps, the Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelia e Numismatica wants to celebrate not only swimming, athletics and trap shooting but also the historical origins of this competition. In the first stamp, for example, Fontana represented the olympic torch, one of the symbol of Ancient Greece, when the fire was kept burning for the whole period of the games. The fire was reintroduced in the olympic games of 1928 and from that year it is part of the opening ceremony. Tradition and modernity are the distinguishing elements of this souvenir-sheet. Olympic Games and Philatelic issues of San Marino: a relay that makes proud sport followers and collectors from all over the world.
Issue date
Print run
Stamp size
13th June 2012
A horizontal block-of-four with values of € 0,50 each in sheets with 12 stamps (three block-of-four each sheet)
n. 150.000 block-of.four
four-colour offset by Cartor Security Printing
13x13 ¼
Marco Ventura
Best regards
Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelica e Numismatica - tel : 00378 883171
fax: 00378 885179


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