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First day of issue: 2012-05-20
In the 13th ROC presidential election, Ma Ying-jeou was elected president and Wu Den-yih was elected vice president. To honor and celebrate this important occasion, Chunghwa Post will issue a set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet on May 20, the date of their inauguration.
The four stamps (two with denominations of NT$5 and two with denominations of NT$12) feature portraits of the president and vice president. Objects in the background include the ROC flag, the Office of the President, Taipei 101, and the National Theater, as well as various graphic details carrying economic and cultural significance. The designs convey the idea that under the leadership of President Ma, the ROC will enjoy a continuous economic and cultural growth, as it leverages the strength of its geographic location. Furthermore, the Ma presidency will continue to promote cross-strait peace and a strong nation that enjoys ever-greater economic integration with Asia and ever-stronger links to the global community as a whole. The stamps are designed in a se-tenant strip format. Each stamp features a plum blossom printed in papermark ink, creating a special effect under light.
Brightly colored, the souvenir sheet features portraits of the president and vice president, with the ROC flag, the Office of the President, and plum blossoms in the background. The design conveys the idea that our country is entering a glorious new age. In the upper right corner is a map of Taiwan , from which radiate beams of light. The beams are printed with the wordings "2012" in a multitone microtext, concealed double spiral. That is for the first time used on postage stamp and adds to its specialness and serves to prevent forgeries.
Along with this set of stamps, a commemorative stamp folio will be also released. Employing door fold design, the folio consists of 1 set of stamps (with souvenir sheet), 1 specimen souvenir sheet and 1 pre-cancelled FDC affixed with a NT$5 stamp. With portraits of the president and vice president on the cover, a plum blossom shaped cut-outs displaying the Office of the President pops up after it is unfolded. Inside pages include the designs of the Office of the President, portraits of the president and vice president together with electronics industry, economic constructions and a map in the background.

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