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At long last we have received our 2012 stamp of 'Our Famous Rona Grouse'.
In the early part of the year this cock grouse stakes his territory between Church Cave and the South of the island. 
Visitors encroaching the area are treated to a territorial display only a few feet from their own feet. He has no fear and 
will fly in to harass visitors even in the company of dogs.
He does not seem to have a mate and the opinion is that this is why he is so active.
There are two stamps both of 0.75p value.  One with a black and white background the other with a sepia background, 
and the Grouse in his full plumage. The block of two is shown above.
RS 17 2012 Grouse stamp on b/w background:    0.75p
RS 18 2012 Grouse stamp on sepia background:  0.75p
Image size 41 x 29 mm
RS 19 2012 Grouse stamps on a Block of two, perforated with border, total size, 124 x 64 mm:                                                           £1.50
RS 2012 Full sheet B/W background 15 stamps.     £11.25
RS 2012 Full Sheet Sepia background 15 stamps. £11.25
The stamps can be purchased singly or together (block of two) as shown with a border around them. There are also full sheets of 15 of each colour.
They will be sold in a protective  envelope with stiffener, posted from the Island of Rona with a Rona stamp on an official Rona envelope.
The date of issue of these stamps is 1st of September 2012.
We will try to meet any postage/franking requests.
Basic Potage, packaging  to UK                      £1.75
Basic Postage, packaging to Europe                        £1.28 + £1.15
Rest of the world                                                  PAO 
Via Juan Franco Crespo, Spain


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