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Post Service Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Shinichi Nabekura), the annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund () IMF is October 14 from Friday, October 12, 24 (2012) Heisei In commemoration to be held in Tokyo until Sunday, we will issue a special stamp "World Bank Annual Meeting 2012 IMF ·". 
Sheet construction 
1):Wado Kaichin coin (Wado Kaichin coin)
(2):(Do not try) Qian introduction
(3):Fri algae Hill (Hill also gold) gold, silver state stone Yuzuriha (silver oxalate cough) (gold Yuzuriha)
(4):Keicho large format (large format family events)
(5):Ding Keicho Keicho small silver coin silver (LTCB listening) (small silver coin family events)
(6):Tempo Tsuho Tsuho Kanei (Tianbao report) (report Kanei)
(7):Balance (balance)
(8):Certificate feather Yamada (Yamada postcard)
(9):(Put out yeah) Qian branch
(10):(Or led) two copper coins (or do your prior consideration Ju~tsu) gold silver twenty yen fifty sen (or twenty-perspective)
Collection: Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan Currency Museum (all)

Design of postage stamps to be issued

To copper, silver and gold were issued under (※) new cases 貨条 Wado Kaichin coin from ancient (Wado Kaichin coin), became the dawn of the modern monetary system, the design of this time, the history of our country money We have adopted the theme typical for viewing the development.
  • 貨条new cases (1871) 
    were established, such as adopting "Lin sen-circle" of decimal currency unit (phosphorus = 1000 money = ¥ 100 1).
Wado Kaichin coin (1) (Wado Kaichin coin)
Wado yuan year (708), was issued as a model of a coin (Tang) (China) report Kaigen Co., Ltd. (Tsuho Kaiyuan). It was initially also issued silver coins in addition to the coin.
(Do not try) sen introduction (2)
In Japan, the coin is, cloth and silk rice no longer been created, but has been used as money by the end of the 10th century, since the mid-12th century, coin Chinese flows in large numbers such as through trade Sung Sun, Qian trie widely as money came to be used.
Fri algae Hill (3) (also Hill gold) gold, silver state stone Yuzuriha (silver oxalate cough) (gold Yuzuriha)
The late 16th century, the production of gold and silver is increased by mining development of Sengoku daimyo, silver coins to be made of gold, have been used, for example, expensive deal. Designation of "gold Yuzuriha", "gold algae Hill" is due to the fact that is similar to the shape of the plant leaf pondweed, each named Yuzuriha. "Silver State" stone is made of silver produced in the Iwami silver mine.
Keicho large format (4) (large-sized family events)
Tokugawa Ieyasu won the battle of Sekigahara in the year (1600) is set out in a unified monetary system, issued a silver coin Fri Keicho year (1601) 6 5 Keicho Keicho next. Ieyasu was issued broadsheet, oval, gold as gold Keicho one minute.
Ding Keicho silver (5) small silver coin Keicho (LTCB listening) (small silver coin family events)
Were issued in the year (1601) as well as large-format 6 Keicho Keicho. Ding is a small silver coin silver coins weighing you use them weighed.
Tsuho Tempo (6) Tsuho Kanei (Tianbao report) (report Kanei)
In the coin that was issued in the year (1636) 13 Kanei, Tsuho Kanei has been used widely throughout the Edo period. Coin to be accepted in high as 100 sentences, Tsuho Tempo has been issued in the year (1835) 6 Tempo.
Balance (7) (balance)
Edo period, the establishment of the degree consisting of three 貨制 money (copper) coins of gold, silver, three, moneychangers has developed various currency exchange transactions between increasing. To measure the weight of the silver is money weighed, the balance was moneychangers essentials.
Certificate feather Yamada (8) (postcard Yamada)
5 Keicho bills my age (1600), rural Yamada Ise in (Ise, Mie Prefecture now), was made on behalf of the change as proof deposits fraction small amount of silver weighing is the bill of the oldest in Japan (middle stamp). Yamada written feather has the same distribution in rural areas through the Edo period.
(Put out yeah) Qian branch (9)
Coin, I poured into a mold made of copper was dissolved. When removed from the mold, it is called a branch for coin money is connected to the dendrite. Stamp is a branch of the treasure Qian Hisanaga statement late Edo period.
(10) (or led) two copper coins (or do your prior consideration Ju~tsu) silver fifty sen (or twenty-perspective) gold twenty yen
This is money that is issued in response to the enactment of the new cases 貨条 1871.

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