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The Philippine Postal Corporation will issue the Amihan  stamps. The stamp design is one of the Phlippine Folklores and Legends Series for Topical Issues of CY2012.
Kind of Issue:SpecialDate of Issue:September 28,  2012 
Denomination and Quantity:P7.00 – 2,750,000 pcsLast Day of Sale:September 27,  2013 (or as stocks allow) 
Sheet Composition:100  onPaper:Imported Unwatermarked 
Size of Stamp:25 mm x 22mmPrinter:Amstar Company, Inc. 
Printing Process
Litho offset
Designer:Nemi R. Miranda Jr., NCCA
Layout Artist
Victorino Z. Serevo
According to Tagalog folklore, Amihan is the first creature to inhabit the universe, along with the gods called Bathala and Aman Sinaya. Amihan is a personification of the Northeast Wind. She is often represented as a beautiful, long-haired woman who brings cool breezes and safety to fishermen and seafarers, as long as they please her with their good hearts.
Amihan plays an important role in story of creation. The two gods Aman Sinaya and Bathala were rivals. They would pit their powers against each other, until it became a catastrophic war. Aman Sinaya sent tempests into the sky and Bathala retaliated by hurling giant boulders from the mountaintops. These boulders would create the Philippine archipelago.
Amihan, being caught in the middle of the two warring gods, decided to put a stop to the conflict by taking the form of a bird. Flying back and forth between the two deities' realms, she finally succeeded in bringing them together.


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