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World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012
The "World Conservation Congress," the environmental Olympics of the global village, will be held during 10 days from September 6th to 15th, 2012 on Jeju Island, Korea's ecological repository.
An environmental meeting sponsored by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) every four years, the World Conservation Congress is a forum where experts from various sectors such as government organizations, NGOs, academia, corporations, the press, etc. convene to contemplate and confer about solutions to major environmental problems facing the earth where we live.
Founded in 1948, IUCN has developed into a coalition of nations, governmental organizations and NGOs, with more than 11,000 experts voluntarily participating in its 6 commissions: the Commission on Ecosystem Management, Commission on Education & Communication, Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy, Commission on Environmental Law, World Commission on Protected Areas, and the Species Survival Commission. Approximately 1,100 or so employees work in its 60 branch offices around the world.
This round of Congress to be held on Jeju Island, participated by 10,000 people from 1,200 organizations from 180 or so countries, will conduct various discussions on environmental conservation in the contemporary era. Hoping that this round of Congress will provide a new milestone to earth's new environmental policies, a commemorative stamp featuring green sprouts and the Congress emblem is issued.
TitleWorld Conservation Congress Jeju 2012 Commemorative Stamp
Date of IssueSeptember 6, 2012
Quantity1.3 million stamps
Denomination270 won
DesignGreen sprouts and the Congress emblem
Stamp No.2887
Printing Process
and Colors
Photogravure, six colors
Size of Stamp30mm × 30mm
Image Area30mm × 30mm
Sheet Composition20 (220mm x 150mm)
PaperWhite Unwatermarked
DesignerJunghwa ROH
PrinterKorea Minting and Security Printing Corporation


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