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Fecha de Emisión17/09/2012
EstampaciónHuecograbado con microrelieve
PapelEstucado, engomado, fosforescente
Dentado13 ¼ (horizontal) y 12 ¾ (vertical)
Tamaño del sello28,8 x 49,8 mm. (verticales)
Tamaño de la hoja bloque105,6 x 150 mm. (vertical)
Valor facial de los sellos0,85 €
Tirada280.000 hojas bloque

The series Spanish Fashion is dedicated to the designer Pedro del Hierro, famous on both national and international catwalks.

The son of a painter, Pedro del Hierro (Madrid, b.1948) showed artistic promise in drawing and fashion from a very young age, creating highly original designs. After learning the fashion trade, he presented his first collection in 1974. Two years later, in 1976, he became a member of the Haute Couture Chamber and showed his collections in New York and several countries in Latin America and Europe, where he was starting to become known. In 1981 he opened his own shop in a department store, producing prêt a porter as well as Haute Couture and creating clothes for celebrities and international events. In 1987 he embarked on new projects involving fashion and accessories. His prestige grew and in 1990 he began to design fashion for men.
Pedro del Hierro understands fashion "as an evolutionary process in constant change" and is inspired by objects from life itself to dress young and older people with dynamism and elegance. The stamps reproduce images ceded by Cortefiel, which are published in the exhibition catalogue of the designer's work in Madrid's Museum of Clothes, where these unique articles are kept. The first stamp displays a long asymmetric dress fashioned from shot satin in a raspberry tone. It has a plunging neckline and the right shoulder is covered. The decorative crystal beading is sealed by laser. Next to it, a dress made of red and ivory coloured lace, with floral designs and different coloured sequins. V shaped neckline and cut-away sleeves.
Below this, a party dress that is short in front and long at the back, hand pleated in shot pink with brown metal threading. It has two parts: an under shift with a full skirt, short in the front with a long train at the back, and a short pink overdress. Finally, a suit in silk tulle with plunging V neckline and full skirt cut on the bias. It is open from the hip downwards and decorated with appliqué flowers in ecru coloured fabric.

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