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Size of the block – 100х130 mm.
Size of the stamp No. 1232 – 29,58х45,24 mm; face value – 2,00 UAH.
Size of the stamp No. 1233 – 29,58х50,46 mm; face value – 2,50 UAH.
Size of the stamp No. 1234 – 29,58х50,46 mm; face value – 3,30 UAH.
Size of the stamp No. 1235 – 29,58х50,46 mm; face value – 2,00 UAH.

Harrow perforation – 11 1/2.
Printing run of the block – 84 000.
Protection of the block: microprint «Н. Кохаль».
Protection of the stamps No. 1232, 1233, 1234, 1235: fragments of images of flowers luminesce under UV-light.
Artist of the block – Natalia Kokhal.
Designer of the postmark – Yevhenii Borodai. 
Block is multicoloured; printing process – offset, foil embossing.
Block is printed on SE "Integrated Printing Plant "Ukraina" for production of securities". 
Barcode – 4823027133942.



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