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We are glad to send you information about the 
Christmas campaign of Estonian My Stamp.
Estonian Post started the service of personalized stamps named My Stamp in 2006. Shortly the service turned out to be very popular in different ways. For example private customers use it to give positive emotions to their family and friends. Many enterprises use My Stamp to make advertising campaigns or surprise their business partners and clients. Also they use it when inviting their business partners to some special event or when thanking them for good cooperation. My Stamp can be a memorable present or it could be used as a sales article. There are as many ideas as indefinite number of possibilities to make your own stamps.
The main idea of My Stamp is that you can design it yourself. It will be different from the other stamps used and it will certainly help you to deliver positive emotions to dear and important people in your life. At the moment there is a possibility to add some information on the sheet. For instance when you want to remember a certain date or you would like to write a dedication to that special someone.
Additional information concerning My Stamp:
·         One sheet of My Stamp contains 20 stamps (see the design of the sheet in attachment to this e-mail);
·         As an attachment to this letter you will find the pricelist of My Stamp respectively on denomination and quantity of order;
·         Denominations available for My stamp are 0.45 eur, 1.00 eur and 1.10 eur;
·         Design (for example photograph) must be in jpg format (maximum 2 MB);
·         There is also a possibility to print the text in the top of the sheet (please add text);
·         Address where the stamps will be delivered (the delivery fee abroad is 5.00 eur).
Join the Christmas Campaign of Estonian My Stamp – order at least two sheets of personalized My Stamp and get one sheet as a gift for free!
The conditions of the campaign are as follows:
·         The period of this campaign is 1th of November till 31th of December (including) 2012;
·         Order at least two sheets of My Stamp and get one sheet of stamps (20 stamps) for free as a gift;
·         It is considered one gift (1 sheet of 20 stamps) per one order.
·         Only those orders that have been paid in time, can participate in this campaign.
Since our web site for ordering Estonian My Stamp is in Estonian and Russian language at the moment ( ), you are more than welcome to send us all the relevant information regarding your order by e-mail . And the stamps you have ordered, will be delivered to your destination shortly.
In order to participate in the campaign, all you have to do is send us information as follows:
·         What will be the denomination of the stamps you want to order (0.45; 1.00 or 1.10 eur);
·         The quantity of sheets (minimum order to take part of the campaign is 2 sheets);
·         In the case you would like to add some text in the head of the sheet, please send us the text;
·         Please add your delivery address;
·         The payment conditions are according to the invoice that is issued by us. When making the payment you can use bank transfer or credit card.
In order to receive ordered stamps as soon as possible, please register your order already today!
With kind regards,  Estonian Stamp



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