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 First earthly philatelic exhibition (ZEFIB) was held in Belgrade from 12 to 29 September 1937 
in the organization of Yugoslav philatelic union, which had at that time 26 members (companies) 
with 1150 registered philatelists. The exhibition was held in the building of the new University 
(Philology faculty today) on the King's square number 3 (Student's square today), while the grand 
opening was held at the big hall of the old University (Captain Misa's building) with the great 
number of guests, ministers, ambassadors and king's emissary. 150 exhibitors participated in 
the exhibition, of that 70 from Yugoslavia and 80 from abroad: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, 
Denmark, Egypt, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Hungary, Germany, Poland, USA, France, Holland, 
Czechoslovakia and Switzerland, which made this exhibition international. Pursuant to the 
Exhibition Regulations, it was allowed to exhibit: "state issued postage stamps of all kind, 
units, imprints, documents from pre-philatelic period, stamps of local and private post offices, 
telegraphic and railway stamps, drawings, essays, proofs, counterfeits, fantasy stamps, literature, 
philatelic kit and other objects related to philately". At the end of the exhibition gold, silver and 
bronze medals were awarded, and within the exhibition the exchange of stamps was organized 
according to the special Regulations.
Artistic realization of the stamp: Radomir Bojanic, academic painter and Nadezda Skocajic, 
graduated graphic artist.

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