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The 350th anniversary of Penza

Russia: The 350th anniversary of Penza. -
Fortress city Penza was founded in 1663 under the rule of Tsar Aleksey Michailovich as a as a frontier outpost on the southeastern border of the state which was easy and unfortified meat for steppe Nomads.
In 1781 Penza and province were received the Highest approved coat of arms which illustrates three sheaves out of wheat, barley and millet in the green field that “means prosperity and enrichment  farming of local soil”. The contemporary coat of arms is approved by the City Duma of Penza on December 28, 2001.   
In 1801 Penza was declared a province town, being simultaneously the center of Penza district. At the turn of XIX-XX the town was called “New Athens” due to large quantity of cultural and learning institutions. During the first years of the Great Patriotic War Penza became one of the powerful centers for the production of mortar weapons in the country.  
Nowadays, Penza is a large industrial and cultural center, railway and road hub; there is also an airport here.
The postage stamp illustrates a sculpture composition “First settler” and Penza coat of arms.
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