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Algeria: Fruit Production -

Algerian fruit production is highly specialized, and each region of the country is characterized by its specific agricultural Biskra by dates, Skikda with strawberry, cherry and Miliana by the Aures region by apricot.

The apricot is a fruit fleshy, rounded, with a core containing a single large seed. The flesh is sweet, very juicy. The apricot is rich in pectin which inflate easily with water and give it its soft side. Skin velvety fruit, whose color, sometimes dotted, can range from yellow to red.

Varieties of this fruit does not ripen at the same time, the harvest runs from early June to mid-August. Aures region is known for cultivation of these fruit trees, especially in the city of N'gaous.

Apricots are consumed either as fruit or processed into jam or syrup.

Cherry is the most popular fruit of red berries. It is a drupe, spherical shape, color, usually more or less dark red, or yellow.

The fruits mature from the beginning of June. Areas are preferred extension Kabylia, including Ain El Hammam and Larbâa Nath Irathen and Medea, Miliana and Tlemcen.

Issue N 03/2013 :

Designer :: CHAKER Mohamed Djamel
Value Face : 15.00 and 20.00 DA
Format : 43 x 29
 Perforations : 14
Printer : Printing of the Bank of Algeria .
printing process : Offset Paper philatelic envelope ::
first day 7.00 to 35.00 DA DA stamped with obliteration 1st day illustrated


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