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Sculptures by Gickmai Kundun
Originally hailing from Chimbu Province, Gickmai came to Port Moresby in the early 1970’s and enrolled at the National Arts School (later changed to Creative Arts Faculty), now known as School of Humanity, UPNG.

He was trained in various classical art mediums
but it was metal sculptures that quickly attracted
his imagination.
His distinctive style of work was first recognised in Papua New Guinea when he was commissioned to do sculpture work in the new Parliament House.
The stunning wall installation can still be seen today in the Administration Block.
The 1970’s and 80’s was a period of great excitement and interest in the Papua New Guinea contemporary art movement and Gickmai was in the centre of this energy.
He toured extensively teaming up with Mathias Kauage on a regular basis. He was part of the original team that put the country on the international map as a vibrant, exciting and bold new voice that drew attention from many great public and private art collections.
Today, Gickmai Kundun’s work (paintings, ceramics and sculpture) can be found among the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, the University of Cambridge, Unitied Kingdom and to name a few of the more recognized institutions that celebrate this renaun artist.
On a low profile, his commitment to the art continued through the 1990’s presenting Papua New Guinea around the world. Gickmai recently presented his and the work of seven other artists at ‘Liklik Luk Save’, held at the Pierre Peeters Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand.
This exhibition garnered great press and public attention as it is one of the few recent opportunities for the New Zealand public to enjoy and purchase the work of Papua New Guinea artists. The exhibition drew recognition from the Gus Fisher Gallery, New Zealands largest public collection in it’s quality and originality. At home, in Port Moresby, Gickmai has created and driven the magical public installations that we now enjoy across the Capital City. He continues to mentor young artists and captivate audiences with his unique and incisive view of his world.

Details and Price

K1.30 - 'Kundu' - Slit Gong

K1.30 - ''Lakatoi - Hiri Moale Trading canoe

K6.00 - Hiri Moale Queen
K8.70 - Bird of Paradise

 Pioneer Arts Stage 6  -
Stamp Pack

Stamp Size:
 40mm x 30mm
K1.30, K1.30, K6.00 & K8.70
Sheetlet; K17.30
Souvenir Sheet; K10.00
Quantity Printed:
250, 000 Stamps
Sheet Contents:
25 Stamps
Full Colour Process
 102 gsm
 Unwatered mark, PVA Gummed
Printing Technique:
 Multi Colour Offset Lithography
 Peter Apa, Post PNG Philatelic_Production
 Southern Colour Print Ltd, NZ
Issue Date:
 20th February, 2013
Withdrawal Date:
 20th February, 2015

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