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Isle of Man:  Tribute to Robin Gibb CBE -
Isle of Man:  Tribute to Robin Gibb CBE

Isle of Man:  Tribute to Robin Gibb CBE 

The wonderfully colourful, fascinating and showbiz life of singer and songwriter Robin Gibb CBE is celebrated through a new set of stamps reflecting on this legendary Manxman and coincides with the posthu mous release of Robin’s album ‘50  St Catherine’s Drive’ later this year .

 Described as one of the best  whit e soul voices ever, Robin Gibb is one of t he Isle of Man’s mo st famous citizens. Although worldly known as a member of the Bee Gees along with his two brothers, Robin also carved an impressive solo career. Starting with Robin’s Reign  in 1970, Robin created a distinctive body of work separate from the usually more famous Bee Gees recordings.

In the early 1980s, when the Bee Gees took a well-earned hiatus from group activity, Robin pursued his solo work with three more albums (How Old Are You?, Secret Agent and Walls Have Eyes). Award-winning director and producer David Leaf provides t he accom panying text  t o t his issue and describes Robin’s last  piece of music - The Titanic Requiem, which was composed and created by Robin and his son Robin John. He says on hearing an advance copy of this monumental work he thought “if t his was t o be Robin’s last  musical effort, i t was one worthy of his legend.”

 Robin will be remembered as a songwriter, a singer, an artist, a man whose slender physique was underscored by his immense determination, personal strength, courage and spirit of love. R obin’s voice was so unlike anything else that graced the radio, timeless and yet somehow, decade after decade, in tune with the times so that he made anything he sang simultaneously sound contemporary classic, epic and now, sadly mythic.

Throughout their career, nobody could figure out where the Bee Gees were from. Some fans were certain they were Australian. Others would say England. When asked, Robin never hesitated, he would answer sweetly and proudly that he was from the Isle of Man.

 R obin’s last solo record, recorded in 2008/9 and due for release lat er t his year, 50 St Cat herine’s Drive was given that name by Robin to commemorate his first home on the Isle.  




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