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The 150th anniversary of the Obuhov Steel works

                            The 150th anniversary of the Obuhov Steel works

The Obuhov Steel works was founded in 1863 as a steel mill, his main task was the production of ordnance weapons of military boats and fortresses

The dynamic development of the plant at the end of XIX century began with the producing of artillery, armor plates for ships, surgical, drawing and plumbing tools, shafts, gun barrels, torpedoes and mines.

The Obukhov steel works delivered to Germany and England, where it was appreciated for its quality and low prices. By 1913, the plant was considered as one of the leading steel works not only in Russia but also in Europe. During the war, the plant was producing guns, railway guns, artillery mounts and was repairing military equipments.

At present, The Obukhov plant is a unique diversified engineering works specializing in products with mechanical, hydraulic, hydro mechanical and electromechanical actuators.

The stamp deals with the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems against the background the Obukhov steel works panorama of 1912.


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