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Italy: Italian Medicines Agency -

Italian Medicines Agency

Italian Medicines Agency

Date of issueJune 3, 2013
Value€ 0.70
Runtwo million, seven hundred thousand copies
Vignettein a round logo is reproduced AIFA, the Italian medicines agency, with the emblem of the Italian Republic.Completing the stamp the legend "ITALIAN DRUG AGENCY", the word "ITALY" and value "€ 0.70".
SketcherTiziana Trinca
PrintGovernment Printing Office and Zecca dello Stato SpA, rotogravure
Paperwhite, glossy neutral, self-adhesive, non-fluorescent
Weight90 g / sqm
Supportwhite paper, self-adhesive Kraft siliconated 80 g / sqm
Adhesiveacrylic type water, distributed in amounts of 20 g / m (dry)
Paper size and print size40 x 30 mm
Format tracking46 x 37 mm
Perforation11 performed with fustellatura
Sheetforty-five specimens, the value "€ 31.50".

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