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The postal history of Lithuania is known that until the sixteenth century. Lithuania messages and the transport of messengers žygūnai.
Seventeenth century, the most important Lithuanian public road to Moscow, Poland, Prussia, Latvia attracted stagecoach. This post has gradually become a highway paths. Mid-nineteenth century the most important means of travel was a PO box. The main Lithuanian highways traveled comfortable stagecoach. The importance of the event stagecoach vanished railway.
Independent Republic of Lithuania during the postal items were transported convenient transportation - rail. The third decade of the twentieth century - the air transport embryo Lithuania. World War II was destroyed Lithuanian relations, while at the same time and mail transportation. After Lithuania communications activity was completely dependent on Russia.
Today, E-mail and mail transported by various means of transportation - air, rail, road and other modern means of transportation. In 2012. Lithuanian-mail - perhaps the first in the company to employees in addition to conventional gasoline and diesel-powered cars began using extremely economical and environmentally friendly means of transportation - an electric.
 Dail. M. Gribauskas. Offset. Coated paper. Sign 36x30 mm.
643. £ 2.45 - Car Tazzari ZERO.
644th £ 2.45 - Car Moskvitch 401.
Edition: 0,080 million. Prints Sound World.

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  1. Cars on postal is very interesting but it is truth. It starts some decade ago that European postal department use vintage cars on tickets and it is just like a tribute to that car manufactures.

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