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South Korea: Centennial of the Young Korean Academy -
South Korea: Centennial of the Young Korean Academy

South Korea: Centennial of the Young Korean Academy

The year 2013 is a meaningful year marking the centennial of the Young Korean Academy.
With Japan intruding into Joseon in the course of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 to 1895 and the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 to 1905, each during the latter era of the Joseon Dynasty, Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho watched his fatherland degenerating into the arena of a struggle among world powers and keenly felt Korea's powerlessness.

Dosan thought that for a country to be powerful, its individual people should be powerful and that for individual people to become powerful, "I" should be a powerful person. With this in mind, Dosan went to the U.S. and started to create a new organization that will nurture the key figures for the nation's independence movement. On May 13, 1913, he founded "Young Korean Academy," in San Francisco, U.S., along with 25 founding members including the representatives of the nation's 8 provinces.

In 1924, the Young Korean Academy declared the “Statement to Fellow Countrymen," educated human resources by establishing academies, and unfolded the movement designed to enhance the Korean people's spiritual awakening and enlightenment by publishing magazines. As a part of the Japanese imperialist's policy to suppress the Korean nationalist leaders, numerous members of the Young Korean Academy including Dosan were placed under arrest. In addition, "Donguhoe," the local Korean organization of the Young Korean Academy was dissolved in 1937.

Together with this, the demise of Dosan in 1938 due to his continued imprisonment dealt a crashing blow to the Young Korean Academy movement within local Korea. However, thanks to the steady activities of its overseas members, the Young Korean Academy movement in local Korea resumed in 1945. After the 1945 liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule, the Young Korean Academy unfolded the movement aimed at young Koreans, in an effort to democratize our society and to foster an enlightened human resources. These activities of the Young Korean Academy have been continuously performed in its 26 local branches and 9 overseas branches located in the U.S. and Canada.

Celebrating the centennial of the founding of the Young Korean Academy, a commemorative stamp featuring both Ahn Chang-Ho and the emblem of the Young Korean Academy is issued, in the hope that the Young Korean Academy will take a big leap forward toward its next centennial.

TitleCentennial of the Young Korean Academy Commemorative stamp
Date of IssueMay 13, 2013
Quantity1.2 million stamps
Denomination270 Won
DesignAhn Chang-Ho and the emblem of the Young Korean Academy
Stamp No.2918
Printing Process
and Colors
Photogravure, six colors
Size of Stamp40mm × 30mm
Image Area37mm × 27mm
Sheet Composition5 × 4 (240mm x 147mm)
PaperWhite Un-watermarked
DesignerKIM Sojeong
PrinterKorea Minting and Security Printing Corporation


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