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Algeria: 50th anniversary of the Algerian insurance and reinsurance company

The Algerian Insurance and Reinsurance Company was established June 8, 1963 as the statutory body responsible for assignment in order to allow the State to control the Algerian insurance market after the departure of foreign insurance companies .
Since the economic reforms introduced by the laws of 1988, CAAR has been transformed into a corporation with the Ministry of Finance is the sole shareholder.
's commercial network CAAR includes five regional branches, 125 branches, including 41 in intermediation ( general agents). Most agencies are located in densely industrial complex because of its specialization.
CAAR is responsible primarily to cover major risks requiring extensive techniques. These include, the risk of fires and explosions, industrial and other risks that affect agriculture, maritime and air transport, hail and livestock mortality risks.
After 50 years of existence, the insurance industry has undergone several stages and many reforms that have had the desired results. The contribution of the insurance sector to the national economy is significant and the turnover of the sector has continued to grow over the years.

Designer: K.KRIM
Face value: 15,00 DA
Size: 29 x 43
Perforation: 14
Printing: Printing of the Bank of Algeria.
Printing Process: Offset
Paper Stamp: A philatelic card stamped 20.00 DA 15 , DA 00 with obliteration shown first day
first sale day: On Saturday 08 and Sunday, June 9, 2013 in 48 Recipes Main stations located in the capitals of wilaya and Recipes Main Algiers November 1, Hussein-Dey, Chéraga, Ben Aknoun and Rouiba.


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