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Hong Kong: Stamp Sheetlet Price: HK$10 Sales Quota: 10 sheets Descriptions: Containing a $10 stamp.

Blessed with a strategic location, a natural deep-water harbour and a thriving tourism industry, Hong Kong is well-positioned to become a cruise hub in the region. In September 2008, the Government announced its plan to build the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Situated on the site of the old Kai Tak Airport runway, the new terminal being a major tourism infrastructure project is crucial to developing Hong Kong into an Asian cruise centre and enhancing our city’s status as a tourist spot. Hongkong Post issues a special stamp sheetlet to commemorate this project.
Construction of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal commenced in November 2009. The terminal building and the first berth will come into operation in June 2013, and the second berth will be completed in 2014. Upon completion of the seabed dredging works in 2015, both berths will be able to accommodate the largest cruise vessels in the world.
Built on 7.6-hectare site, the three-storey cruise terminal building is an architectural icon of unique design. Highly efficient and functional, its streamlined contour facilitates penetration of daylight into the interior and aids ventilation. To adhere to the principle of environmental sustainability, the building is equipped with a number of energy saving devices, such as automatic monitoring systems for water cooling circulation, automatic demand control of supply air, etc. Flexibility in the design allows conversion of part of the building into other uses, such as convention and exhibition venues, to maximise its usage if needed. Its roof garden offers overseas and local visitors an outdoor greenery area in which to relax and admire the spectacular view of Victoria Harbour.
At the top of the stamp sheetlet is the coastline of southeast Kowloon, setting off the location of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. A silhouette of the terminal is subtly inserted between the Chinese and English titles. The stamp features the terminal building against the backdrop of the cityscape of east Kowloon stretching all the way to the Lion Rock. The cruise terminal, with its minimalist lines and ingenious design, fully manifests the beauty of modern architecture.
Acknowledgement: Commerce and Economic Development Bureau

Stamp Printing Details

Design:CHENG Chi-ming, Carl
Printer:Joh. Enschedé B.V., the Netherlands
Process ($10 Stamp Sheetlet):Lithography
Process ($20 Stamp Sheetlet):Hot foil stamping plus lithography
Stamp Size:100 mm x 40 mm
Stamp Sheetlet Size:130 mm × 75 mm
Perforation:13.25 x 13 (one elliptical perforation on each vertical)
Paper:Paper with security fibres
Date of Issue:11 June 2013


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