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Italy: Giovanni Boccaccio -
Giovanni Boccaccio

Giovanni Boccaccio

Date of issueJune 5, 2013
Value€ 0.70
Runtwo million, seven hundred thousand copies
Vignettedepicts a Renaissance sculpture by Giovanni Francesco Rustici entitled Cenotaph of Giovanni Boccaccio, built in 1503 and preserved in the sought of SS. Jacopo and Filippo in Certaldo.Completing the stamp the legend "Giovanni Boccaccio 1313 - 1375", the word "ITALY" and value "€ 0.70".
Sketcher and engraverRita Fantini
PrintGovernment Printing Office and Zecca dello Stato SpA, in intaglio
Paperwhite, glossy neutral, self-adhesive, non-fluorescent
Weight90 g / sqm
Supportwhite paper, self-adhesive Kraft siliconated 80 g / sqm
Adhesiveacrylic type water, distributed in amounts of 20 g / m (dry)
Paper Size30 x 40 mm
Print format26 x 36 mm
Format tracking37 x 46 mm
Perforation11 performed with fustellatura
Sheetforty-five specimens, the value "€ 31.50".


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