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Republic of San Marino

Republic of San Marino

Date of issueJune 7, 2013
Value€ 0.70 for each subject (package € 2.80).
Runone million sheets each composed of four stamps
Vignetteeach depicting a particular period of the topographic map of the Republic of San Marino on the paper contains, among other things, the four castles granted by Pope Pius II in 1463, with Patti Fossombrone.Complement each stamp the word "ITALY" and value "€ 0.70".
Features of the packageThe four stamps are added to the left of the sheet, out of the perforated box, continues playback of the topographic map, where it highlighted the territory annexed in San Marino superimposed on a detail of the Papal Bull of Pope Pius II, with the leaden seal. At the top left is reproduced the emblem of the Italian Republic.Completing the package legends "JOINT ISSUE ITALY - SAN MARINO", "1463 - 2013 550th ANNIVERSARY OF THE DETERMINATION OF BOUNDARIES BETWEEN THE REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO AND ITALY" and "June 27, 2013 THE USES THE 550TH ANNIVERSARY OF 'AGREEMENTS FOSSOMBRONE' (1463) and more specifically the issue BUBBLE WITH WHICH HIS HOLINESS POPE PIUS II ratified THE TERMS OF PRIOR AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE COMMUNITY OF SAN MARINO AND TIED THE CARDINAL OF THE POPE. BY LOYALTY TO THE HOLY SEE and the help MALATESTA AGAINST THE FAMILY, THE COMMUNITY SAMMARINESE OBTAINED THE FOUR OF CASTLES Montegiardino, FLORENCE AND SERRAVALLE AND THEN ALSO FAETANO. THE SURFACE OF SAN MARINO WAS SO TWICE AND THEN REACHED THE ACTUAL SIZE. "
CompGraphics by the Autonomous State Philatelic and Numismatic the Republic of San Marino and optimization by the Institute of the State Printing Office and Mint SpA
PrintGovernment Printing Office and Zecca dello Stato SpA, rotogravure
PaperRubber coated, fluorescent for the whole package
Weight90 g / sqm
Paper size and print size40 x 30 mm
Perforation13 x 13 ½.
Sheet size19.5 x 14.3 cm


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