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Orchids of Papua New Guinea -
Orchids of Papua New Guinea

Orchids of Papua New Guinea

An orchid is a member of the Orchidaceae family, the largest group of all living flowers. There are at least 25,000 different species of orchids, with probably thousands more that remain unknown or unclassified.
Horticulturists have also created over 100,000 hybrids for commercialization, as orchids are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
Of the nearly eighty species of Dendrobium orchids, Dendrobium nobile is probably the most notable.
This orchid has been highly valued and used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times and is still widely grown for this purpose today. Post PNG Ltd is pleased to amuse its collectors again with this remarkable issue featuiring Dendrobium Orchids mostly found in and around the coastal areas of Papua New Guinea.

Dendrobium gouldii Reichb.f Found growing throughout the islands and mainland of New Ireland Province. Grows on large established trees over hanging the sea and rivers. Also grows inland on rock cliff faces
K1.30 - Dendrobium lineale var. Kui Island Blue. Very abundant and common along the coast of Papua New Guinea. Grows on mangroves and mature trees along the coastline and on some islands where it grows on boulders washed daily by salt water spray.
K6.00 - Dendrobium mirbelianum Gaudich. Found in every coastal province. Widely distributed and common orchid throughout Papua New Guinea. Grows along the coast as well as inland on trees in open woodland and rainforest areas.
K8.70 - Dendrobium sp. aff. D. cochiliodes Schltr. This species is found growing in the mountains of the Morobe Province on trees in the cool moist forested areas of Finschafen.
K10.00 - Dendrobium mussauense P.Ormd. A native to the Mussau island group of New Ireland Province. Usually found growing on coastal mangrove swamp areas and trees along rivers
K1.30 - Dendrobium sp. aff. D. gouldii Reichb.f. Found growing on the coastal islands off New Irelands Province. Grows on large trees in open exposed positions along the coast and inland.
K1.30 - Dendrobium sp.aff.D. conanthum Schltr. Found growing in the mountainous areas of the Central Province. Grows in moss and rainforests in a semi shaded cool protected position.

K6.00 - Dendrobium lineale. Found in Wewak, East Sepik Province. Grows on mangroves and mature trees
along the coastline and on some islands where it grows on boulders washed daily by salt water spray.

K8.70 - Den. carronii Lavarack & P.J. Cribb. Found growing from Cape York in Australia through to Western Province and isolated pockets of Melaleuca swamp in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.

Stamp Size:
 40mm x 30mm
K1.30, K1.30, K6.00 & K8.70
Sheetlet; K17.30
Souvenir Sheet; K10.00
Quantity Printed:
126, 000 Stamps
Sheet Contents:
25 Stamps
Full Colour Process
 102 gsm
 Unwatered mark, PVA Gummed
Printing Technique:
 Multi Colour Offset Lithography
 Peter Apa, Post PNG Philatelic_Production
 Henan Post Printing Factory, Zhengzhuo. China
Issue Date:
 3rd July, 2013
Withdrawal Date:
 3rd July,, 2015

SOURCE:  © 2005Post PNG Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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