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Kosovo: Fehmi dhe Xheve Lladrovic

Kosovo: Fehmi dhe Xheve Lladrovic - Filatelia e Kosoves Posta

On 22 September 2014, Philately of Post of Kosovo will put into post circulation the extraordinary emission of postage stamps "Fehmi and Xheve Lladrovci".
The issuance of this emission wiil mark the anniversary of the martyrization of this couple and will honor the sacrifice for freedom of the fighters of the new national history.
Among many luminaries in the new national history, the wedded couple Fehmi and Xheve Lladrovci undoubtedly took a merited place. Born and raised in generous families with patriotic tradition, Xheva and Fehmi materialized the idea of national liberation with their own blood.
By devoting their entire life for the motherland and patriotism, they heroically died in the morning of 22 September 1998, by leaving us the messege to nourish respect and love with devotion to the martyrs of the nation, because there is the root of the most precious Freedom.

Specifications: €2
Sheet mint: 10 postage stamps
size of stamp: 43.00mm x 31.00mm
Printing: offset
Paper: 102 gsm
Printing house: Adnan Rezniqi Co.
Postage stamp designer: M Rudi
F.D.C designer: Hyrije B. Ademi
First Day Postmark: Pristine
Lauching date: 22 September 2014

Filatelia e Kosoves Posta

Via Juan Franco Crespo, Spain

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