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Estonia: Sõru Leading Light Lighthouses

Sõru Leading Light Lighthouses

Price: 0.55
Date: 17.10.2014
Designer: Roman Matkiewicz
Quantity issued: 50 000
Sheets: 5 x 2
Size: 27,5 x 33,0 mm
Perforation: 13¾ : 14
Print: ofset
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa

The Sõru (Sõrro) leading lights are situated on the southeast coast of Hiiumaa at 487 meters from each other. The history of the Sõru lights started about a hundred years ago when numerous timber lighthouses and day lights were put up, including the first lights to mark the shipping route from Väinameri to Sõru port. After World War One restoration of the lighthouses that had suffered in the war was begun and the two new Sõru lighthouses were completed by 1934.

Then the visibility of the lower light was 12 miles and that of the upper 10 miles. By 1950 both the Sõru lighthouses were painted white at the bottom and red at the top. By today the lights of both the lighthouses have been modernized and the visibility of the lower Sõru light is six miles, the height of the light from the ground 13 meters and 11 meters from the base. The visibility of the Sõru upper light is six miles is as follows: white six miles, red and green three miles; the height of the light from the ground is 18 meters and 16 meters from the base. In 2014 the Sõru leading lights will be 80 years old.



Via Juan Franco Crespo, Spain

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